About us

Welcome to Ellora Milk Centre

Ellora Milk Centre was established in year 1976 at Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Ellora Milk Centre is engaged in manufacturing and supplying milk, various milk products and sweets. Quality and hygiene is of utmost importance to Ellora Milk Centre. Our hygiene and ingredients are of premium quality and are as per industry standards. Ellora Milk Centre’s Manufacturing is backed by modern state of the art equipment with minimum human contact.

Ellora Milk Centre sells there products to retail customers from their out let at Ellora Park and are also into bulk / Whole manufacturing for restaurants, catering and industrial canteens etc.

Some of the products that we sell are Milk, Curd / Yogurt , Shrikhand / Matho (Various Flavours) , Basundi (Various Flavours), Paneer , Mava / Khoa and fresh seasonal flavours in Matho and Bansundi etc.

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